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Leo Sato

Leo is a multilingual digital marketing expert where he graduated High School in Los Angeles, earned bachelors in Education at International Christian University in Tokyo and obtained MBA at National Chengchi University in Taiwan. He began doing SEO for his own website that introduced nightclubs in Tokyo in Mandarin while pursuing an MBA and managed to acquire constant Leads. He has worked at a leading semiconductor supplier in Japan where he managed European semiconductor clients and also worked at a foreign digital marketing agency in Japan where he was in charge of various Microsoft digital campaigns. On Microsoft security campaign, he achieved 126% more than client’s KPI and generated more than 3,000 leads. In 2016, he has moved to Taiwan and became in charge of Japanese cosmetics account where he brought about 300% growth in sale in the first year and 1.5 times more than what the client set up as KPI. In 2017, he founded applemint to growth hack more clients in Taiwan.

Eric Chuang

Graduated from National Taiwan University and majored in Political science, Eric is also a multilingual digital marketing expert who specializes in JavaScript and various technical aspects of digital marketing. He has experience operating Facebook, Line and Yahoo Native at a Japanese advertisement company where he improved one of his clients click-through-rate by 200% and improved CPA by 50%. He has technical knowledge on how to utilize various Google tools such as Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Analytics and many more. In 2017, he and Leo co-founded applemint. Eric now serves as the backbone for applemint on technical elements.

External partner

Graudated from International Christian University as well as Tama Art University where he majored in Graphic Design, Takara is applemint’s external partner on design. He has been nominated to Tokyo Type Directors award. Takara has profound knowledge on graphic design, typography, logo design and UX/UI. He has recently been involved in designing a website for a unique insurance service provider and his design has been covered in one of the most famous Advertisement magazine.


To provide business growth to corporates through digital media


To be the most reliable growth hacker where results are replicable regardless of where we are


"We do not provide garbage"

applemint’s principals
Sincere:We are not only sincere to our clients but also to our members
Committed to results:We pursue clients’ goals thoroughly
Creativity:We set a working environment where creativity is exercised
Openness:We disclose information among our staff members
Transparency:We are transparent on what we do to clients
Standardize:We standardize so that good results are replicated and bad results are avoided.

Our Clients


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