Account executive

About the position

Account executive position at applemint is mainly responsible for maintaining the relationship with the existing clients. The position does not require any previous advertisement experience so it may be suitable for new graduates or someone who is looking to shift career from another field to advertisement. We welcome anyone with the following qualifications!

Core Accountabilities

・vs. client liaison (communication)
・Google Ads management / operation
・Facebook Ads management / operation
・Other digital ads management
・Payment bills / invoice / purchase order issue and organization
・Analyze the digital ads
・Plan and write effective and convincing texts
・Plan effective banner
・Plan effective movie banner
・Write effective and convincing blogs
・Write weekly/monthly reports to clients
・Project management (schedule LP/website/ list up digital ads. related work)
・Website wireframe
・KOL/Youtuber arrangement and liaison

Required qualifications

・BS degree (preferably in Communications or advertisement but not required).
・Ability to speak Mandarin.
・Japanese (Since most of the clients are Japanese companies)
・A sense of responsibility
・Ability to logically analyze ads performance and improve using statistics
・Detailed and meticulous attention to Payment bills / invoice / and other money related documents
・Ability to think strategically and other stand what the target audience wants
・Ability to effectively communicate with designers to convey what type of ads needs to be done
・Ability to communicate with account manager/account director and understand what he/she needs
・Open and respectful to other team members

Preferred qualifications

・Ability to speak Japanese.
・Understand the Japanese cultural context.
・Ability to read English.


30,000NT – 34,000NT
Under our HR system, your maximum salary as an Account Executive is 34,000NT. If we think the applicant has enough capabilities to be a senior account executive, we will then make the applicant senior account executive and raise the salary.

Working hours

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 18:00


105 台北市松山區復興北路 191 號 2 樓之 3 (捷運南京復興站)