Designer / Coder

About the position

Designer / Coder position at applemint is mainly responsible for designing banners, making videos, and designing a website including coding. The person is also expected to maintain a good relationship with Account Executive, Account manager, and Account director. We welcome anyone with the following qualifications!

Core Accountabilities

・Communication with AE/AM/AD and producers for what output is necessary
・Design mockups for LP/websites using Adobe XD
・Design still banners for clients
・Design banners and infographics necessary for other AE/AM/AD for their blogs
・Use various Adobe tools to make and edit various creatives (banners, movies and others)
・Website front end designs
・Embed tags on behalf of AE/AM/AD
・Set up Javascript tags for AE/AM/AD Ads operation
・Help team members connect API and necessary tools
・Make a beautiful presentation slides if necessary
・Advice to producers and other members regarding appearance
・Attend vs. clients meetings if necessary
・Write blogs
・Re-design/revision of applemint’ HP based on analysis from the SALES/Marketing team

Required qualifications

・Communication skills (understand what AE/AM/AD and also the
・Client wants and be able to output)
・Adobe related skills (experience using Adobe tools for at least 3 years)
・Adobe photoshop/illustrator/After Effects/Premier/XD
・Understand strategic thinking. ability to design logical (not an “artist” but a “designer”)
・HTML / CSS coding
・Javascript (understand the structure)
・Coding skills
・Ability to be humble and reflect upon mistakes.
・Ability to be open and respectful to other team members
・Ability to show and practice creativity as well as flexible thinking especially when encountered unprecedented problems.

Preferred qualifications

・Ability to speak Japanese.
・Understand the Japanese cultural context.
・Ability to read English.


30,000NT – 40,000NT
We will first check applicant’s portfolio and then check “how” the person designs what she/he designs. If the applicant knows how to design and code, we will take those abilities into account. The salary may exceed more than what’s written if the applicant has enough capabilities.

Working hours

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 18:00


105 台北市松山區復興北路 191 號 2 樓之 3 (捷運南京復興站)