Overwhelming teamwork
and sense of mission


Are you tired of days of being forced to sell ads you don't want to sell
Are you tired of days of being left behind due to lack of in-house training
Are you tired of lying to customers for the sake of sales without hesitation
We have seen many advertising agencies that take advantage of their customers' ignorance.
At applemint, we want to change the way digital agencies work.

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佐藤 峻 / Leo Sato


莊 桓亦 / Eric


Account Manager
Tsuyama Kaori / Kay


Account Executive
郭 柏宜 / Ariel


Account Executive
李 芸緁 / Grace


Human Resources
林 郁紋 / Vivian


Art Director
大橋 貴良 / takara


We work from home twice a week

Remote work
You may apply up to 3 days for work remotely anywhere you want

Overseas training
Training outside the country as part of stimulating employees


applemint's career path

The above career path is just a guide. applemint does not decide promotion based on the number of years employees work. We will give you a raise depending on your ability and results. applemint is currently very small, so it naturally requires more work and responsibilities just like many other startups.In return you will learn how it is like to start a business and we are willing to invest in your new business if you are willing to start your own.


Devices Subsidy

applemint provides subsidies to each employee once a year so that they can have the latest mobile devices.

Finance Lesson

The course includes training on how to judge a company’s financial stability by looking at its balance sheet, how to look at its income statement and cash flow, and how to judge a company’s growth potential based on the business models of various industries.

Design Lesson

This lesson will teach you how typography affects your design, how to choose typography, and how web design afftects SEO. We will also teach you how we make banners.

Digital Ads Lesson

We hold a digital ads catch up session once in 2 weeks. We mainly check blogs and news related to digital advertising in Japan and the U.S. to keep up with the latest technology and methods.


The company may cover travel and conference participation expenses for digital marketing held in Japan or other other countries.

Available positions

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