We've seen advertising agencies whose web marketing services look unclear.
We've seen advertising agencies who report inflated conversion numbers to protect themselves.
We've seen advertising agencies that sell useless ads that they know are not effective but still sell them just for the sake of sales.
We've seen advertising agencies that try to increase the advertising budget even when it is not necessary.
We started applemint because we wanted to change the these norm of ad agencies.



We share advertisers' ad management platform, and even disclose the pricing and commissions of KOLs/influencers to ensure transparency.


We provide timely and easy-to-read reporting using Google Data Studio, automated operation for efficiency, and digital ads that work.


We do not make decisions based on the size of the customer's budget. We provide appropriate services in accordance with the customer's budget.



佐藤 峻 / Leo Sato


莊 桓亦 / Eric


Account Manager
Tsuyama Kaori / Kay


Account Executive
郭 柏宜 / Ariel


Account Executive
李 芸緁 / Grace


Human Resources
林 郁紋 / Vivian


Art Director
大橋 貴良 / takara


applemint CEO's message

applemint ensures transparency and quality in digital marketing and remains committed to delivering good results.
applemint was started by me and my Taiwanese partner Eric in 2017. At the time, we had no connections and could not get investment from anyone. We pitched our business to angel investors, but they showed 0 interest towards us. I was once told by another business owner, "Your business won't do well," but here we are surviving.
When we started our digital marketing service, we actually wanted to do other business,
but we decided to focus on digital marketing first. Why?We knew that there were a certain number of advertisers in Taiwan who were dissatisfied with the digital marketing services provided by ad agencies.
The applemint philosophy of "We do not sell garbabe," "ensuring transparency," and "delivering good results" are promises of what we wanted to ensure to our clients when we started.
applemint will maintain these promises and will do our best to change the way advertising agencies work in Taiwan.

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