Japan-Taiwan Digital Marketing The key to attracting customers to online sales and lead acquisition stores in Taiwan


Digital Marketing Support for Taiwan and Japan

applemint will provide support from the planning stage to those who do not know what to do enter Taiwanese or Japanese market.

To those who wish to sell their products in Japan/Taiwan
BtoC sales store marketing

If you want to sell your products through digital ads, SNS or e-commerce websites in Japan or Taiwan, applemint can help you decide which media to use and how much budget to allocate for the best result.

Inbound Digital Marketing targeting the Taiwanese or the Japanese

Unlike Japanese companies whose headquarters are located in Japan, applemint's headquarter is in Taiwan and has a Japanese subsidiary. We make decisions 3times faster than Japanese companies in Taiwan.

CASES Testimonials

STRENGTH Why applemint

Commitment to results and achievements

In 2018, applemint helped KA·RA·DA factory, whose sales continued to decline in the past 2 years. We achieved a V-shaped recovery by providing the right digital marketing strategy and execution. How many advertising agencies in Taiwan can proudly say that they have achieved a V-shaped recovery?

Flexible response and supporting customers to run their own digital marketing

applemint is as flexible as possible in terms of client budgets. We actually provide service to make our clients become independent from agency. Advertising agencies are usually reluctant to allow clients to run their own digital ads campaigns because it leads to a decrease in sales. However, applemint supports its clients in a way that they do not have to depend on an advertising agency if they have limited budget.

Exceptional achievement in content marketing

applemint started from zero awareness in Taiwan. We made more than 300 blog contents and more than 100 YouTube videos to increase awareness. No other Japanese agencies in Taiwan has created as many contents as applemint did.

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