E-commerce Website Service We create e-commerce websites and LPs that people instinctively buy. We also provide websites based on customers' budget.


Japanese/Chinese Website

We can create websites in Japanese and Chinese for the Japanese market and Taiwanese market. We have produced websites for a wide variety of industries including Taiwanese companies and Japanese companies. We even provide websites for those with limited budget. Please contact us even if you are not confident about your budget.

LPs for digital ads

We make landing pages that are easy to analyze so that we may optimize after they are created. We also make sure that our LPs meet the criteria of Google so that we may receive a good quality score when we implement Google Ads.

E-commerce websites for Japanese market

The environment for e-commerce in Japan is quite different from that in Taiwan. Shopify is fine for global market in general, but if you want to be more specific for the Japanese market, there are other options besides Shopify. We are very familiar with Shopify as well as the Japanese EC market.

PORTFOLIOS Website Portfolios

STRENGTH Why applemint

Contents and digital ads interaction

The biggest difference between applemint and other advertising agency is that applemint creates websites with content and digital advertising in mind. For instance, we often suggest adding a blog page to a website for content marketing in the future. We also help our customers define tracking points and add event tracking for website optimization.

We are very familiar with digital marketing landscape of both Japan and Taiwan

applemint is a Taiwanese company, but it is founded by a Japanese who speaks fluent Chinese. We also have a subsidiary office in Japan and Japanese native staffs working along with the local Taiwanese. Our strength is that we can provide a website for Taiwan and Japan in one-stop.

Flexible website production that suits the client's budget

At applemint, we offer a wide range of website solutions to fit your budget. We do not simply turn down clients with small budgets. Instead, we will try to lower the cost by using templates and providing other options.

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