We provide high quality websites that meet the budget and needs of our clients.
We also use prototyping tools and the cloud to streamline the process which will also save both applemint and client’s time.



Corporate Website (2months~)

In most cases, it takes about 1~1.5 months for planning and designing, and another 1~1.5 months for coding.

Landing Page (1.5month~)

This is a one-page site. We focus on making mobile-friendly LP. We also offer Chinese/Japanese translation of the LP to those who need.

Express Delivery (1month~)

You may expedite delivery by paying additional express fee.


Corporate Website (2months~)

We can also provide Japanese-Chinese-English translation services for your website.
Estimated price: 300,000NTD~

Low-budget Corporate Website

For clients who want to create a corporate website but do not have a large budget, we may create a website using a template.
This will reduce the degree of freedom in design, but it will reduce the budget.Estimated price: 170,000NTD~

Landing Page

We offer one-page landing pages for DtoC companies, BtoB companies and BtoC companies.
Estimated price:50,000NTD~

Short Delivery Websites

We offer a quick delivery corporate. In this case, an express fee will be charged separately.
Estimated express fee: additional 150,000NTD~

Why applemint

Data Driven

At applemint, we start by analyzing the data from your previous website using Google Analytics and other analysis tools.We also design the website’s tracking points to make it easy to improve and analyze the data even after the website is delivered.

Flexibility on Price

applemint’s clients range from large enterprises to small and medium sized enterprises. We do not judge our clients based on the size of the their budget. We would try to work with the client’s budget as much as possible. We have an option to reduce the cost and time to create website by using existing templates. While this may have some limitations on design, we still provide high-quality website with affordable price.

Japanese Language Support

If you wish to have Japanese in your website, we are happy to help you with the translation.Also, if you need Japanese-style websites, we will ask our external designer TAKARA who lives in Japan for the design.

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