How do people find what they want nowadays?
How do people find restaurants and cafes today? It’s mainly Google and social network.
SEO, MEO (Google Maps Optimization), and social networks are essential measures that can dramatically increase the probability to find your brand.

SEO/MEO cases

KA·RA·DA factory

10.5 Hundred USD
Monthly Advertising Savings from SEO

255 %
Increase in website traffic via SEO

Increase in monthly calls from Google as a result of MEO


SEO Contents Writing

25,000NTD ~
The key to SEO is writing content, and applemint is very serious about the quality of contents. We usually write 4 pieces of content per month for 6 months to get results. The cost includes illustration, infographic and effective cover page.

MEO (Map Engine Optimization)

20,000NTD ~
We can set up your My Business, link your ads, respond to reviews, and optimize your site for high rankings on Google Maps.We will over special discount if bundled with SEO.

SNS Management

25,000NTD ~
We manage, plan and post contents on your social networks to increase the number of followers and raise awareness.

Why applemint

High Quality Contents

The key to SEO is high quality content, and careful planning. We spend hours for anaysis to ensure that the content we write matches the search intent of our readers and client’s objective.
In addition, applemint’s CEO, Leo Sato, has been practicing content writing for the past 3 years and is currently writing columns on Crossing Line.His columns have been featured in Line Today, Yahoo Taiwan, and other famous Taiwanese business magazine.

Quality Design

We often use infographics in our contents to make it easier for readers to read. If you are interested, we post some of the infographics we designed on our Instagram.

Customer Oriented

We provide SEO and SNS training to our clients if necessary. While most agencies fear to teach their methods, we actually support our clients to run their own SEO if possible.

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