Digital marketing situation and strategies in Taiwan for 2021

Digital marketing situation and strategies in Taiwan for 2021

Hi, I’m Leo Sato, the CEO of a digital marketing company in Taiwan called applemint.

The year 2020-2021 is the year of COVID-19, and I think many foreign companies have been damaged. I know many that there are many companies that withdrew from Taiwan due to COVID-19, and conversely, I know some companies that found a way to make a living in Taiwan and expanded their business.

How did they do it? They continued to do well on digital promotion.

In this article, I would like to share with you the latest digital marketing strategies in Taiwan for companies that have found their way to Taiwan amidst the COVID-19.

If you don’t know about digital marketing in Taiwan, you probably don’t know about the digital marketing situation in Taiwan to begin with. Therefore, in this blog, I would like to start by explaining the situation of digital marketing in Taiwan and finally give three recommendations on what media to utilize to survive during COVID-19.

Finally, I’ll also explain how Taiwanese people use Twitter and Yahoo, which I often get questions about from people involved in this field.

Taiwanese are big smartphone lovers

97% of Taiwanese Own a Smartphone 

First of all, let me tell you that Taiwanese people really like their smartphones. 98.7% of Taiwanese people own a smartphone, while 83% of Japanese own a smartphone, according to a survey conducted in January 2021 among people aged 16-64.

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The percentage of Taiwanese who own a smartphone is higher than that of the Japanese. (I’m just making a comparison to Japanese people since I’m Japanese)

Taiwan Digital Marketing Strategy Tips

In digital marketing in Taiwan, it is no exaggeration to say that whoever controls the mobile market will control the market.

Taiwanese like social networking

Taiwan is a mobile country, and everywhere you look, people are playing with their smartphones (I guess it’s the same in Japan… lol). So what are people doing on their phones? The following data shows that the most common activity is chatting, followed by social networking, video watching, and games.

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I think you can see how much Taiwanese people love SNS.

Let’s take a look at what social networking sites are popular in Taiwan, and see how they rank as of February 2020:
(1) YouTube 89%
(1) Facebook 89%
(3) LINE 88%
(4) FB Messenger 59%
(5) Instagram 59%.

(*YouTube is duplicated in the category “Watching videos.)

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The principle of advertising is to expose yourself to places where there are a lot of people. Therefore, it would not be wrong to think that Taiwan can conquer digital marketing by strengthening YouTube, Facebook and LINE.

Strictly speaking, Facebook ads, Google ads, and the use of influencers are the keys to digital marketing in Taiwan, but in this chapter, I will briefly explain about YouTube ads and LINE ads.

First of all, among these three, Facebook ads have the highest probability of leading to direct purchase after exposure to the ad. In particular, ads that incorporate influencers can lead to purchases very efficiently.

Unfortunately, YouTube is one of the most difficult web advertising mediums for direct purchase. Have you ever seen a TV commercial and then immediately bought something? I don’t think so.

Lastly, let me briefly explain about LINE advertising. Products that sell well will sell well, but products that don’t sell well won’t really sell.

However, the number of LINE ads is increasing at a rapid pace, and since it has a high market share as a chat tool, I have high expectations for the future.

3 Key Points You Must Know About Digital Marketing in Taiwan

Now, I would like to discuss the three key points for successful digital marketing in Taiwan:

1. web advertising with Facebook ads as the core

As I mentioned above, Facebook is the largest social network media in Taiwan in terms of user population. In recent years, the number of advertisers bidding on Facebook ads has increased, and the cost per millie (1000 impressions) has risen considerably.

As a result, we’ve seen many of our clients suffer from high cost per acquisition. So what should we do? I’ve written an article on our success and failure of Facebook ads in Taiwan.
Please refer to my blog if you interested!

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Hi, I’m Leo Sato, the CEO of a digital marketing company in Taiwan called applemint. Recently, I’ve seen an increase in the amount of searches regarding Facebook ads in Taiwan, so I’d like to share applemint’s case study with you. At applemint, we’ve been running Facebook ads since our founding in 2017, and even though we’re a startup, we’ve spent over 500 million yen (5million USD) so far. During that time, we’ve run Facebook ads for a variety of industries, including massage, cosmetics, jewelry, and apparel. In this blog, I will introduce not only the success stories but also the […]

2. Influencers

Influencer posts can multiply the effectiveness of your advertising.

We strongly recommend that you ask influencers to post on Facebook and use their posts to deliver your ads. The reason for this is that the CVR of influencers post is usually 2-3 times better than regular post.

We have heard many times from other companies that they are reluctant to use influencers in Taiwan because of the high price. Unfortunately, the price of influencers in recent years is beyond our control in may countries and Taiwan is no exception.

Also, there are agencies who try to charge double or triple the fee of influencers to advertisers as their commission. Many advisors have no clue how much influencers cost in Taiwan so they blindly trust some unscrupulous agency.

Many people are surprised at the original price of influencers when we tell them the truth. By the way, please be assured that we disclose the wholesale price of influencers and how much commission we take. haha

3. google ads and search result optimization

Lastly, let’s talk about Google ads. Google ads are basically pay-per-click, so you don’t pay for ads until they are clicked.

In Taiwan, many advertisers tend to increase the percentage of their budget for Facebook ads because Facebook ads are more efficient in attracting buyers. However, don’t underestimate Google Ads.

92.4% of Taiwanese use Google search. (as of May 2020) In other words, Google search advertising and response to search results is the key to success in Taiwan. Also, if you run a restaurant in Taiwan, Google review is what people see, not yelp or other service.

In recent years, we’ve seen a successful case in Google ads using Local search ads. In order to do local search ads, you must create a business manager and upload a video on Youtube.

We have helped KARADA factory 80% increase in attracting new customers using local search ads.

What about Twitter?

As of February 2020, the Twitter usage rate is only 27%. The only people I know who use it are my friends who are anime otaku and can read and write Japanese.

When I looked into the cause of this, I found out that Twitter did not support Chinese at launch, so it did not catch on. Nowadays, it seems to be used by some Taiwanese who like Japanese anime and games.

However, we do not know what will happen in the future.

For digital marketing in Taiwan, why not applemint!

What do you think? In this article, we have introduced the latest 2021 situation of digital marketing in Taiwan.

In addition to digital ads operation we also provide a wide range of digital marketing services such as ultimate mobile friendly LP, contents marketing, video ads. and arranging Taiwanese influencers.

We’ve already helped wide range of customers from public companies to SME and they vary in industry. We keep accomplishing our clients’ goal regardless of their industry because we have digital marketing methods and thoughts that are applicable to almost any clients.

Please feel free to contact us if you need help in digital marketing in Taiwan!

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Leo Sato 佐藤峻

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