【V-shaped recovery after 8 years in Taiwan】KA-RA-DA factory.Co

【V-shaped recovery after 8 years in Taiwan】KA-RA-DA factory.Co

KARADA factory Taiwan provides a total body care salon that seeks to help each customer improve the root of his or her body problems, provides thorough “therapy,” and seeks to impress customers. We spoke with them about the background of their digital marketing request to applemint Co. and the results of the project.

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Mr. Iwamura, President

Request Background

  • Using Digital Marketing to Attract More Customers to TheStore 
  • Total support for digital marketing
  • Recruitment of human resources using digital marketing


  • Highest profit record since entering Taiwan in 2020 
  • Expansion of number of stores
  • Increase in applications for human resources

What made us decide to work with applemint?

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Mr.Iawamura: Before we hired applemint.Co to do our digital marketing, we had not done any digital initiatives other than building our HP and updating our Facebook page.

It was in 2018 that we began to realize that we needed to do digital marketing in earnest. At that time, we were struggling to attract customers to our stores and our performance was slow.

Then, I was looking for a company that provides digital marketing services in Taiwan, and I found applemint.Co on Google and decided to contact them.

Decisive factor in the decision to request

Mr.Iawamura: To be honest, my first impression of applemint representative Mr. Sato was not so good (laugh). I thought he was younger than I expected, and he knew very little about our company in both good and bad ways, and I thought to myself, “Normally, he would come here after doing more research.”

However, my boss liked Mr. Sato for some reason, and the representative of the other company with whom I interviewed did not make a good impression, so I asked Mr. Sato to do the job. As a result, I am very glad that I decided on Mr. Sato at that time.

Days of Patience

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Mr.Iwamura: We had to be patient for about a year after we started working with applemint Co.. At that time, the cost-effectiveness was not very good. It wasn’t until 2019, a year later, that we began to see results, largely because after a year of digital marketing, we had a clearer picture of our target audience and knew what kind of courses they would like to see on the web.

Women’s perspective and website redesign

Mr.Iwamura: After that, we changed our advertising to women’s perspective, distributed advertising for courses that women would like, and made the course names easy for women to understand, which led to an increase in reservations from women. Also, 80% of the website traffic came from mobile phones, but the website at that time was not friendly to mobile. We redesigned the website, and this worked, making the booking rate improved.

Since then, we have continued to grow, and by 2019-2020, we  have more stores and our sales be the highest ever since we entered Taiwan.

Future Vision: Expansion throughout Taiwan

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Mr.Iwamura: Currently, we only have a store in Taipei, but eventually we would like to open stores throughout Taiwan. In addition to the store business, we would also like to strengthen our e-commerce business and digitalize customer data to attract more customers to our stores.

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